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Derek Scott

The Internal Family Systems Model of Therapy: Treating Trauma & Addictions

Presented by: Derek Scott
Date: April 29th, 2019
Location: The Highland County Club, LONDON, ON

Developed over the past three decades, the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model is an evidence-based therapy that offers both a conceptual umbrella under which a variety of practices and different approaches can be grounded and guided, and a set of original techniques.


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Robert Solomon, LLB, LLM

Legal Essentials: Principles Governing Consent, Capacity, Confidentiality, Documentation, Mandatory Reporting and The Duty to Warn

Presented by: Robert Solomon, LLB, LLM
Date: May 13th, 2019
Location: The Highland County Club, LONDON, ON

The workshop will begin with a review of the legal principles governing consent and capacity to consent to treatment, counselling and care. We will then discuss the elements of a valid consent, the role of consent forms, statutory ages of consent, the broad definition of capacity, and the general principles governing the exercise of substitute consent.


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Michel Jones, MSW, RSW

Getting Grounded

Presented by: Michel Jones, MSW, RSW
Date: June 3rd, 2019
Location: The Highland County Club, LONDON, ON

In direct service work we often work with clients who are stuck or trapped in complicated emotional and social situations, leaving them feeling overwhelmed, helpless and angry or scared.


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