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Mental Health & Wellness Workshops

On-Demand Seminars

Presented by Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg

Access to the links for demand trainings can take several hours to receive after registration is complete.

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg Workshops

Disrupting Rumination (3 hours)
Presented by Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg
Learn how to apply pragmatic, achievable solutions for eliminating anxious thought patterns, in particular, ruminative worry, replacing them with calmness and competency.

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Managing Depression: Raising Energy and Improving Cognition (3 hours)
Presented by Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg
This training focuses on immediate depression interventions that lift energy and turn the cognitions toward more positive thoughts and actions.

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Living with Anxiety: Helping Family & Friends Cope with a Loved One’s Anxiety (3 hours)
Presented by Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg
Often clients do not realize the impact their fears, worries and need for reassurance has on their loved ones. Help clients, and their family and friends to reduce the impact of anxiety while the anxious client is still in the process of treatment.

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Strategies. Opportunities. Solutions.

Solutions on Site delivers innovative training opportunities designed to complement and enhance the skill sets of professionals working in the field of mental health and wellness. Our expert speakers offer the strategies, solutions and techniques required by providers to meet the diverse needs of those they support.

Dedicated to the professional development of social workers, therapists, psychologists, mental health care providers, child and youth workers and other practitioners in health, social and human services since 2006.

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