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Solutions on Site delivers targeted training opportunities designed to complement and enhance the skill sets of social workers, therapists, psychologists, mental health care providers, child & youth workers,chaplains, front line providers and other professionals in Health, Social and Human Services in London, Ontario.

Our expert speakers offer the strategies, solutions and techniques required by providers to meet the diverse needs of those they support. Questions?
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Information & Registration on the following 2017
Workshops will be available soon!


Mindful Movement & Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training
with Brendon Abram - Spring 2017
(dates to be determined)

Workplace Violence Prevention:
Working With High Risk Clients

with John McDonald, Threat Ready - Spring 2017
(dates to be determined)

Trauma in the Mind's Eye: Mitigating & Eliminating
Intrusive Thoughts, Flashbacks & Nightmares

with Natalie Zlodre - (October 13th)

To Err is Human:
Transforming Therapist Errors
into Therapeutic Repair

with Dr. Janina Fisher - (November 13th)

Beyond Words:
Somatic Interventions for Couples Treatment

with Dr. Janina Fisher - (November 14th)



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